CD Business Cards

Having a company business card to give to potential and existing customers is part of everyday life but isn't it strange that these important cards are almost always lost in the clutter. TLPC can help you to ensure your cards are kept and remembered by providing small and visually impressive CD Business Cards.

You will impress clients, prospects and colleagues with a unique, high-tech card that not only provides your contact details like a regular business card but also provides 30Mb of file storage space for you to use.

We can create a stunning, interactive presentation for you (if required*), write it to CD and design and print a business card label for as little as 2.60 per unit, including a CD wallet.

Your CD Business Card could include: a company overview, product details, photographs, price lists, testimonials, client lists, video clips, contact details, flash animations, your brochure (as a PDF for example), location maps, case studies, website and email links etc.

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* Presentations can be created for a fee of 150.00

Add the high-tech edge to your company image!Add the high-tech edge to your company image!