Personal Cards

Wouldn't it be nice if you could keep those special photos in your purse or wallet at all times, without the worry of them getting dog-eared and worn.

Personal Cards from TLPC do exactly that - we take your photos and print them in full colour onto a piece of plastic the size and thickness of a credit card. These cards can be double or single sided and will last a lifetime, perfect for keeping loved ones close!

We can make Personal Cards from a variety of sources, including convential and digital photos. You supply us with the image by post, email, CD or floppy disc and TLPC will return any photos or discs along with your Personal Card(s) in approximately 48 hours.

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Special Occassions are an ideal time to give Personal Cards:

- Wedding
- Christening
- Birthday
- Anniversary
- Mother's Day
- Father's Day
- Christmas
- Valentines Day

Personal Cards can have pictures of just about anything on them:

- Family
- Friends
- Loved Ones
- Pets
- Wedding Day Memories
- Holiday Snapshots

  • Keep your family with you at all times.Keep your family with you at all times.
  • It's School Photo time....It's School Photo time....
  • Newborn memories.Newborn memories

  •      Example images
         do not reflect
         the true quality
         of the final cards
  • A Treasured MemoryA Treasured Memory
  • Remember Loved OnesRemember Loved Ones
  • That special day!Remember Loved Ones!