Vehicle ID Cards - BUILD YOUr OWN CARD


Complete the following and click Next to start your own ViD card. Images work better if they are in a landscape format.

Choose an image of your vehicle:
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What are the different card types?
You can choose from three different types of ViD card. Only Standard and Personalised cards can be purchased online.

Standard ViD's have your vehicle details, your name and address, and the TLPC logo.

Personalised ViD's can have any information you like instead of your name and address. They can also have a second image in place of the TLPC logo.

Membership/Club ViD's allow you to customise the colours, name and address fields and replace the TLPC logo and details with your own. Please Contact Us for further details.

What are the prices?
Standard ViD cards cost £5.50 each.
Personalised cards cost £10.00 each.
Delivery is FREE.

What kind of images can I upload?
Our card builder only accepts images saved in the JPEG (jpg) format.

Are there file size or dimension limitations to the image I upload?
Yes, the maximum file size of your image must be less that 5Mb. A digital picture taken with a 10 megapixel camera should be around 4Mb. The image dimensions can be anything, providing the file size criteria is met.